Hi! I'm Eli and
I am a Yoga Teacher Trainer

Born in Costa Rica, travelled worldwide and now calling a sunny India my home, I am a Psychologist, Health Coach, SYT, E-RYT 500, RPYT and RCYT.

Learning and life changing transitions

When I did my first (and second and third!) YTTC as a student of yoga, anatomy was my least favourite subject. It was boring, complicated and seemed very disconnected from yoga. But all that changed when I started my career as a Yoga TTC instructor in 2014. I knew the theory behind the asanas and their alignment, modifications and variations but something was missing… something very important. Adjustments did not always make sense, and students asked questions I couldn’t answer. It was then when I realized the big gap in my knowledge... Anatomy!


How I started learning and adding more value in the lives of my students

I read lots of books, took courses, watched videos, and applied the new knowledge to my own practice. I learned how to observe my students with different eyes: with eyes of scientific curiosity and amazement (for our human uniqueness and individuality). And everything started falling in place. Asanas were no longer restrictive moulds to fit everybody. They became a point of reference, with immense possibilities of modifications and variations. Aesthetic adjustments became merely a guideline to give way to a more functional approach. And more and more frequently, my students too started having 'aha' moments.

Since then, I have committed myself to learning everything I can about the anatomy of movement. This is my now my driving force and mission: to teach you anatomy in an easy, simple and practical way!

Created for new possibilities and experiences

Yogafy is the platform I have created to make it possible. Here, you discover Yoga Anatomy courses suited to your needs.You can be a complete yoga beginner looking to understand anatomy, or a seasoned yoga professional who wants to learn more and stand out in the field; you can be looking for a foundational understanding of asanas, or an advanced analysis of individual poses- there is something for you here. I have also created Yin Yoga TTCs with a complete functional approach so the next time you practice or teach Yin Yoga, you actually teach Yin and not Restorative Yoga!

I firmly believe that after your first course with Yogafy, your practice/classes will never be the same! I am grateful that you found me here at Yogafy and would love to connect with you. See you on the other side of the screen!


YogaFy Creator